Now 91 years old,  Joseph Spencer has given up the traveling and  teaching of  workshops and private lessons. Joe is  retired and going back to creating a few special pieces during his precious time.
    Cheryl Anne will be teaching is workshops
    Workshop Data:
    1, All workshops are Torch-Fired Glass Enamel Bead making
       (Introductory and Advanced 1 and 2.)
      2. One on one or two.
      3. Tuesday through Sunday
      4. Hours by appointment. (Class is 5 hours)
      5. Work stations are set up for right or left hand students.
      6. Fee $125.00 + $75.00 materials
      7. All tools and materials supplied
      8. Everything you make you keep plus 24 page instruction book and some tools.
    For workshop appointment or more information, contact Jim. Call (727) 596-7822